2020 Q1 Idea formed and team gathered
2020 Q3 Expanding the scope of the project.
2020 Q4 Starting token formation.
2021 Q1 Creating roadmap and technical analysis, developing token infrastructure
2021 Q2 Token generation - TRC20
2021 Q3 Launchpad ICO start.
2021 Q3 The first two joint announcements of R1.
2021 Q4 Launching the R1 app for IOS and Android
2021 Q4 Minor exchange.
2021 Q4 The start of R1Economy beta.
2021 Q4 R1, voting and forum platform being activated
2021 Q4 Launching the R1 staking.
2021 Q4 Launchpad ICO ENDING
2021 Q4 Global exchange listing
2021 Q4 Minor exchange 5 December
2021 Q4 Starting to collect project requests .
2021 Q4 R1 Economy Ecosystem App Google Play Store .
2022 Q1 R1 exchange.
2022 Q1 Listing of firts R1 tokens ,R1 exhange.
2022 Q1 Improving usability and expanding the ecosystem
2022 Q1 Major global exhange
2022 Q2 R1 MAINNET
2022 Q2 Launching a reward for coin transfers
2022 Q2 Major global exchange
2022 Q3 V2 R1 starting